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Project Description

This is a .net port of the client API of Sun's Project Darkstar ( ).
Project Darkstar is an highly scalable, free and opensource, enterprise grade, game server. it is suitable for about any kind of online game from fps, to gigantic mmorpg. The Project Darkstar server beeing written in Java, this project allows to write a .NET client with a robust multinode highly available and disaster proof Java server. more informations about Project darkstar are available at

I'm currently working alone on this project so any feedback or help will be more than welcome!


the whole api has been ported, it's very close to the java implementation and should probably remain like this for a while in order to ease up work to support future version. once sun's darkstar becomes more mature some "dotnetification" should probably be done (ie: use .net's events)
I should probably also warn you that, as it is now, it has not been tested in depth (yet). it's still a work in progress!


2 april 2008
I'm currently busy in life and unfortunately don't have time to spend on the project it's currently a port of the DS 0.94 client api (not the latest). I'll keep an eye on the project page and on darkstar in general. Would you want to contribute to the project or contact me I'm all available, just post a comment here or send me a message either thru codeplex or on the Darkstar Forum (the name is remz).


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